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Lisa Segre

Lisa Segre
Associate Professor in the College of Nursing
Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1993
356 NB
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Research Interests

Maternal depression, screening, treatment, Listening Visits, low-income and ethnic-minority women, mothers of infants hospitalized in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), dissemination, mental-health services delivered by accessible point-of-care providers (nurses, home visitors and case managers).

Training Areas

Representative Publications

McCabe-Beane, J.E., Segre, L.S., Perkhounkova, Y. Stuart, S. & O’Hara, M.W. (2016). The identification of severity ranges for the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 34, 293-303.

Orengo-Aguayo, R.E. & Segre, L.S. (2016). Depression treatment delivered at the point-of-care: A qualitative assessment of the views of low-income, US mothers. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 34, 35-48.

Segre, L.S., Orengo-Aguayo, R.E., & Chuffo-Siewert, R. (2015). Depression management by NICU nurses: Mothers’ Views. Clinical Nursing Research. Online. 10.1177/1054773815592596

Segre, L. S., Brock, R. L., & O'Hara, M. W. (2014).  Depression treatment for impoverished mothers by point-of care providers: A randomized controlled trial, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 83, 314-342.

Segre, L. S., Siewert, R., Brock, R. L., & O'Hara, M. W. (2014). Emotional distress in mothers of preterm hospitalized infants: A feasibility trial of nurse-delivered treatment. Journal of Perinatology, 33, 924-928.

Segre, L. S., Brock, R. L., O'Hara, M. W., Gorman, L. L., & Engeldinger, J. (2011). Disseminating depression screening as a public health initiative: A train-the-trainer approach. Journal of Maternal and Child Health, 15(6), 814-821.

Segre, L. S., O'Hara, M. W., Arndt, S., & Stuart, S. (2007). The prevalence of postpartum depression: The relative significance of three social status indices. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 42(4), 316-321.

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